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 Concept of Dating

Human is a social animal he always wants to be in a community. Basically, dating concept started in the late 1900s where parents would check the social & financial status of the groom and let the women meet privately to several men as a suitable match for marriage. There was no such thing called dating

Dating ideas

In early 20th century now the couple began to meet in public to understand each other which would continue for several years but apparently the goal still was marriage. In every era, dating has its own pros and cons

Where the young woman was interested in gentleman but was under deli ma than he would have been called upon home by the family members for interaction & correspondence how we would face future situations in his life

However, this system of dating before marriage couldn’t be favorable for the groom as it had the involvement of many family members. Here it overwhelmed the concept of dating where a woman was called upon to meet by a young gentleman to decide are they perfect soulmate for each other, utterly the cost of the date has to be bared by the young man, this dating before marriage now has begun throughout the major cities.

Changing Dating Methods

With the changing time, dating patter has also changed a lot, Previously it used to be referred or called upon by parents, friends, neighbors or by dating agencies, now we find dating sites and app to enhance the process of dating.

As the civilization started in the society, the interaction between young men & young women also prominently increased now it started taking place in school, colleges, and workplaces where dating partner are available in abundance. Now the purpose of dating was not marriage but to have fun, couples would date several times before entering into an exclusive relationship. With the attraction of opposite sex, two people meet each other with an intention as a prospective partner to get into a relationship checking their odds & interests which may lead to an intimate relationship finally to get married

This exclusive relationship of dating was a startup to fall in love rather finding a society approved match for marriage. Here was the turning point where people would find love but the importance of marriage was lost. Now the definition of dating was entirely different it was just an increased desire for romance and love with no commitment of marriage and many times he offered a prepaid gift card for her personal expenses.

Now the couple used to socialize publicly where the man paid for her day to day articles such as clothing,Jewelry, footwear, and beautifying products and Dating programs were now no more family expectation it was just youth culture of enjoyment and experiencing sexual pleasure. The terminology of dating has now been revived as a personal pleasure which will end up having sex. The advancement of medical science young men & women used contraceptives and birth control pills to prevent pregnancy and enjoyed sexual life before marriage entering into long term commitment or live in relationship.

Today the rules of dating have vanished and people just want to hook up to have sexual pleasure with one and more partners. We can find many free online dating apps, website and offline matchmaking services to link you with other peoples. This era is the only era where dating is happening between opposite sex but the future is unpredictable. Don’t be surprised if you find people are dating with gays or lesbians websites

Dating Around

Online Dating has given a new wing, irrespective of location people can find a suitable match with full details and topic of interest before the date actually.

We are taking dating to the next level where an individual can choose a partner with a photo, height, color, race, the topic of interest and even international resident can take part in the game called dating. Technology has made many things available not only to a single individual but also to a single parent to explore his sexual life.

How to date a hot girl for Free?

This hot topic is dedicated only for Guys who are still struggling to date a girl. In 2019 to date, a girl is the best thing which can happen to any guy. Dating requires a few steps before you actually meet someone. Let’s understand the science and the art of dating. I say it is a science because you need to follow some methods and it is an art as you require skills of your own in doing and presenting your self to an unknown person.

Step 1: Dating introduction on call

Make sure you talk calmly and never exaggerate and be specific in your conversation, this talk should be sensible, short and should live a question mark of excitement in the mind (Eg.Tell him/her that u need to discuss very important thing about him/her which no one now about) This kind of conversation will live an impact that will make the partner think more about you

Step 2: Preparing for a Date

Collect Personal Details :Before you actually go for dating try to find out the liking of the other person, subject of interest, topics which are really appealing and the conversation can go for longer period, what kind of thing the person love to hang out when they are free, education and current what are they doing for living, what are their further plans, what kind of friend circle she/he is accompanying, is the person emotional or free to go with.

Kind of outfit: As per your height, weight, and skin tone, you need to check which exact outfit will make you look perfect, always wear a light color shirt and reasonable footwear making you look neat and tidy.  Make sure your hairs are well combed and having a clean shave and nails properly cut in short you should take more care of your hygiene. You should look pleasant and presentable to start with, this will be your first impression

Fragrances: Mild perfume will give a better impact as fragrance plays an important role in building memories and girls are more found of fragrance this is the second thing which will be erotic in building relationships.


Carry Gift: Always carry a small gift with a bunch of flowers. This gift can be a perfume a soft toy anything which is pretty good

Place of Dating: Choose a standard place where all romantic couples hang out it can be Vegas or a well-known restaurant where the atmosphere is already full of these dazzling young men and women’s. This brings the feeling of comfort to start the conversation with mild music running behind the background, and you are about to order food with a small glass of wine or a soft drink as per the taste

Sensible Conversation:   This will be the real start of Dating which will hold more value. Offer the seat to the lady greet her with flowers and the gift make her feel very special for the day to be over here. Take her advice before ordering food and start with your own introduction about your likings and at the same time ask her what also she likes. Get into the subject which tempts her and give more space for the conversation. You should be active listeners with very little gesture and less body moments. Leave few of the topics unsaid or unanswered for further communication on phone or maybe in next personal meet

Lastly, accompany her to the cab and ask her if you can drop her at her place

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