Shahi Nikhar Fairness Soap

Shahi Nikhar Fairness Soap for FaceShahi Nikhar Fairness Soap

Shahi Nikhar Soap is first ever Fairness soap in India which will give you natural fairness and glow to your skin and also helps in lightening dark spots on face. Shahi nikhar soap comes with antifungal & antibacterial properties which works on acne and pimples. Its deep cleanser removes contamination caused due to bacteria or due to pollution & also removes excess oil from your skin making your skin soft and smooth giving a fresher and younger look

Shahi Nikhar Fairness soap is ideal for whom?

  1.  Shahi nikhar is a perfect soap for the body with darker skin tone or with tanned skin marks
  2.  Shahi Nikhar is the only soap for women which will give natural glow on the face making them look pretty even without makeup
  3.  Shahi nikhar is also an ideal soap for men having rough skin patch on neck, within 3 days you will find changes in skin complexion of that area.
  4.  Shahi Nikhar is a deep cleanser, it removes contamination caused due to bacteria and due to pollution also removes access oil from the oil glands of the skin it is suggested soap for oily skin, it also repairs and rejuvenates the skin
  5.  Shahi Nikhar keeps the skin moist and hydrated making it soft and smooth, this is recommended soap for dry skin
  6.  Shahi Nikhar soap is the best fairness soap in removing acne & pimples giving a younger look and can be used for all ages

Shahi Nikhar has got Allantoin which is the first key ingredient of this soap and it has the following properties

  1. Desquamate: Exfoliation the dead upper layer of skin making it fairer and glowing
  2. Anti-Aging: Repairs & Encouraging new tissue growth making you look younger
  3. Hydrating: Keeps moisture intact & gives softness & smoothness to the skin

Shahi Nikhar has got Triclosan which is the Second key ingredient of this soap having the following  properties

  1. Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties: Kills or slows down the growth of bacteria / Germs
  2. Deep Cleansing: Removes the contamination caused due to bacteria or due to pollution & also evacuate the excess oil from the skin keeps the pores clean & make you look fresh

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