How to make your own website for Free and Easy

How you can make a website free and easy in just 30 seconds.

  • 1. Step 1: Get a Website Name
  • 2. Step 2: Best Website Themes
  • 3. Step 3: Get Website Content
  • 4. Step 4: Website Domain Hosting
  • 5. Step 5: Add ons and Plugins

To be a successful in online marketing these are the basic step which you have to go through

1. Website name: Always choosing a meaningful name for your site.this name will be reflecting your brand and kind of activities carried out under this. Here you can continue with the one which is been provided for free or else you can buy permanently as our own property. We are suggesting you few of the good known site having discounted offers

a.Name cheap 

Domain names for just 88 cents!
b. Godaddy

2. Web theme: on our site, we will be providing you 5 free startup themes to start with. Once you have selected your niche. The chosen theme should match the preference as per the niche. The overall look of your website should be easily accessible to the readers. It’s like a trailer window before they get into the whole website content.

3. Website Content: this will be covering your script & images of the topic or niche you are making aware to the readers, There should be relevant content where all the readers should get their answer or the purpose for being at your website. Over here we help website developer with 10,000 free images for the subject they want to cover. Images are the most important factors to convey your message before they actually start reading on your website. We have given a search option on the site so you can scroll & choose the exact image matching your preference. These images are taken by the professionals with due clarity and brightness to increase your engagement with the readers. Here a keyword planner is given to the developer to use relevant phrases and sentences which readers are been searching for, in turn, we are helping them to get ranked in Google in less time. Linking your internal post with the pages increases engagement with the readers.

We give you free excess to high-quality Keyword planner to help you to rank in google

4. Web hosting: Hosting is an important part for a website as your given information on the website goes live on different search engine & will start getting traffic for the purpose you have created this website

5. Web plugins:: there is no chance for you to make a mistake in this competitive world. Plugins are the most important tools which will give you a professional look to your website for which you will be recognized. Few of the common plugins used are

  • a. Social Media Plugin
  • b. Antivirus plugins
  • c. Optin plugin
  • d. Speeding website plugin
  • e. Popup plugins for engagement and many more

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